My dad's a big sport's fan and so I got into sports early on in my life as well. My dad talked me into karate when I was 5 years old, and I didn't know what that was back then, so I said, sure I'll do it. It wasn't bad, but it started to get a bit boring after many years, and I stopped karate then when I was 12, and then signed back up for it when I was 14, and then stopped again a year later. I'm no longer doing karate anymore.

Some other sports I did have been bowling and swimming when I was really young. I participated in some leagues for bowling (when I was under 10 years old) and I also took swimming lessons when I was young. I did play in a basketball league only in 5th and 6th grade, and that was it for basketball. In junior high, I did track and field during my 7th and 8th grade years. I did okay in 7th grade, but then had my growth spurt from 7th to 8th and did really good in the 8th grade 100 meter yard dash every race. I was never beat and my best time was 12.2, however I think I could have done better if I didn't get injured in early May of that season. The only guy who did outrun me once was another teammate, but since we're on the same team, I don't consider it a loss.

Once in high school, my friend's forced me to do soccer freshman year since I wasn't doing any sports during the fall, and I didn't really play soccer much... ever, but they convinced me to play, so I was able to join the team a week or two after practice had already started. It was pretty fun, but I was playing goaly mst of the season and didn't enjoy that position too much.

I did soccer again for like 2 weeks sophmore year, but then I got injured and didn't do it anymore. That was my last time playing soccer for high school. I did baseball every year in high school, playing freshman, sophmore, then on the varsity team. It's been okay playing, but I haven't enjoyed baseball as much playing in high school as I had when I would play during the summer in other leagues when I was younger. I am now graduated from high school and have completed two years of community college. I'm planning on attending a university in fall 2009.